What Should I Expect From A Limo Company

Is hiring a limo part of  your daily or weekly life for business?

Is it for a once in a lifetime event?

No matter what it is – you want to feel special otherwise you would hire a taxi or have a friend pick you up. What can you expect from a great limo company?
1. Never Later

The most unprofessional thing when it comes to any aspect of life is being late or asking someone to wait.  it is no different for limousines.  A good limo company will have a reputation for always being on time.

2. Service With A Smile

Your driver is there to get you safely from point A to point B, but a great limousine company will have polite, friendly, knowledgable drivers.  They should provide everything you need with a smile on their face. After all there is Uber.


3. Cleanliness

When you check into the Ritz Carlton or St. Regis you expect a luxurious and extremely clean room.  Make sure your limousine is the same.  You don’t want it to smell like an old cigar or someone’s after party. If you requested something special, make sure it is there just as you asked …. music, decorations, drinks, etc.

Going to give a shout out to one of my friends.  If you are in Miami Beach and you want a “perfect ride” – call Lush Miami Limo at 786-707-2107.

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Save Money When Hiring Wedding Limo

Do you want to save money on your wedding?

Below are some tips that can help.

Plan Ahead
Don’t always go for the classic while stretch limo.  Ask the company about what other options there are. You can ask about: old vintage classic cars,  stretch Hummer, exotic sports cars or a Luxury sedans.

The longer you wait, the less selection you are going to have and the higher the price will be because of demand.


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5 Things Limo Companies Don’t Want You Ask

When hiring a limo it may seem simple, but it isn’t. You need to ask a lot of questions to find a company that is reliable and honest so you don’t get ripped off.
1. Ask for it in writing – Always ask for a contract. Make sure it describes the limo you chose – make, model, year, color. You can also ask them to send pictures. It should include the rate quoted, and any fuel charges, airport tax, local tax, sales tax parking, tolls, gratuity, etc. Lastly, it should include deposits, cancellation fees and what happens if the limo driver is late or breaks down.
2. Ask for discounts – Ask about prom specials, night on the town, or city tour specials. Often limo companies have weekday discounts – multiple car discounts, etc. They won’t offer any if you don’t ask.
3. Ask about cancellation – Policies Review Cancellation Policy – Cancellations are common. Make sure you ask about it and are clear about the policy in case something should come up and you need to cancel. Remember to get it in writing.Also, just to be safe, call before pickup to confirm your reservation. You don’t want anything to slip through the cracks.
4. Ask about passenger capacities – Ask them how many seat belts are in the passenger area so you will know the true seating capacity. Make sure you get the right size vehicle for your event. Even if you have to hire a larger vehicle or multiple vehicles. You want to be safe.
5. Ask about overages – Ask them what happens if you go longer. Some companies will allow you to go over in 30 min increments. Others will charge you for a full hour even if you only use it for 10 mins extra. Some will even charge you their minimum. So for example if you rented the limo for 3 hours because they require a 3 hour minimum, and you go 3 hours and 15 mins – you may get charged for another 3 hours instead of the 15 min overage. Be wise and get the overages clarified.

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