Save Money When Hiring Wedding Limo

Do you want to save money on your wedding?

Below are some tips that can help.

Plan Ahead
Don’t always go for the classic while stretch limo.  Ask the company about what other options there are. You can ask about: old vintage classic cars,  stretch Hummer, exotic sports cars or a Luxury sedans.

The longer you wait, the less selection you are going to have and the higher the price will be because of demand.

Special Discounts
Limousine companies often have discounts and  deals going to ensure they get you to book with them.  Try booking after Prom season.  They have just been slammed with inquiries and bookings.  June slows down for them, so they will be more interested in dealing.

Multiple Booking Discounts
Do you require more than one limo for your wedding? Are you hiring limos for your bachelor party and bachelorette party.  Get them from the same company and see if they will  cut you a deal.

Get Everyone In One Place
Instead of asking the limousine driver to make multiple stops to pick everyone up – ask everyone to meet in one particular spot for pick up. The driver won’t have to make several stops and won’t have to wait on people at every stop.  The wait time adds up!

Don’t Go Over Your Hours
Paying for additional time is often expensive.  Let’s say you have booked the limo for 3 hours, but actually it is 3 hours and 10 minutes.  You will be charged for an extra hour typically.  Lastly, if you say you only need it for a transfer, but it turns into more than a pick up and drop off, you will probably be charged for their minimum which is usually 3 hours.

If you want to reduce your wedding budget be sure to follow our advice.