What Should I Expect From A Limo Company

Is hiring a limo part of  your daily or weekly life for business?

Is it for a once in a lifetime event?

No matter what it is – you want to feel special otherwise you would hire a taxi or have a friend pick you up. What can you expect from a great limo company?

1. Never Later

The most unprofessional thing when it comes to any aspect of life is being late or asking someone to wait.  it is no different for limousines.  A good limo company will have a reputation for always being on time.

2. Service With A Smile

Your driver is there to get you safely from point A to point B, but a great limousine company will have polite, friendly, knowledgable drivers.  They should provide everything you need with a smile on their face. After all there is Uber.

3. Cleanliness

When you check into the Ritz Carlton or St. Regis you expect a luxurious and extremely clean room.  Make sure your limousine is the same.  You don’t want it to smell like an old cigar or someone’s after party. If you requested something special, make sure it is there just as you asked …. music, decorations, drinks, etc.

Going to give a shout out to one of my friends.  If you are in Miami Beach and you want a “perfect ride” – call Lush Miami Limo at 786-707-2107.